Issue #47

On the Cover: The carving, Diana, on the cover is by Ivan Whillock from Faribault, Minnesota and is a featured project in this issue of Carving Magazine. Ivan is a professional artist whose works can be found throughout the world in businesses and private collections. He is also technical editor for Carving Magazine. You can view more of his work at

Carving Projects:
Valley Road Woodcarvers/C. J. Whillock
Heart Automaton/Napoli
Old Hound Dog/C. J. Whillock
Chip-Carve a Swirl Rosette/Leenhouts
Antique Pie Crimper/Shortell
Diana/Ivan Whillock
Chip-Carved Snakes/GibsonThree Whittle Pigs/Disselbrett
Carve a Gnome Village ~ Part 1/Erickson

Carving Techniques:
Still in the Block/Ivan Whillock


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Inside This Issue

Inside Issue #47

Old Hound DogHello!

We have another great issue that’s jam-packed with everything carving!

Tony Erickson returns in this issue with Carve a Gnome Village ~ Part 1. The projects are based on a village that he created for “wayward and homeless gnomes.” Tony’s background in architecture, along with his sense of humor, comes through in his fun and intricate designs. So, turn to page 71, get out your basswood and carving tools, and start building your very own gnome empire.

Gnome House

Dave Disselbrett’s Three Whittle Pigs on page 68 is a quick AND easy project—it’s perfect for a beginning carver or a club carve-in program. His basic pig pattern can be modified to create almost any unique design!

Marty Leenhouts is back with an intricate chip carving project that looks hard, but it isn’t. Add a classic, elegant element to your carvings with Marty’s swirl rosette.

Heart Automaton

Are you so concerned about getting the details right that you forget to get rid of the corners of your figure carving? Or do you have a fear of removing too much wood and then you find that you didn’t take enough away? If you answered yes to these questions, then your carving is “still in the block.” Learn some great techniques from a pro—Ivan Whillock’s concise explanation (on page 8) will have your carving out of that block of wood in no time!

When Patrick Pelkey was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 12 years ago, his doctor told him to contact Parkinson’s disease support groups. It was at one of those support groups that Patrick met Norbert Braun, and that’s when he was introduced to woodcarving. “Carving with Parkinson’s” is an inspirational profile article that begins on page 56. Read how woodcarving has helped Patrick deal with his everyday struggles with Parkinson’s disease.

Chip-Carved Snakes

This issue wouldn’t be complete if we didn‘t include Susan Alexander’s regular column, Let’s Talk Carving. In every issue, Susan details her adventures as a beginning/intermediate carver. Her column, a fan favorite, is a treasure trove of tips and techniques.

Mark your Calendars: Carv-Fest 2014—August 7 through August 9.

Come and celebrate Carv-Fest’s 10th anniversary in Faribault, Minnesota. Learn a new craft or learn new techniques to hone your craft. There’s something for everyone in this three-day festival. Legendary carver Vic Hood is this year’s featured artist!

We hope that you enjoy this issue of Carving Magazine.

Till next time…Happy Carving—Chris


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