At Carving Magazine we are passionate about everything in the carving world. Wood, Wax, Stone, Bone, Ice, Pumpkins or other Fruits and Vegetables - we will get this covered.

Carving Magazine can be used to create wonderful carvings by following the step-by-step instructions or it can be a source of inspiration to get your blood moving again.

We will also publish regularly interviews with carvers, tips for beginners in the carving, step-by-step DIY projects, videos, patterns - everything that you need to get you inspired for your next carving project.

Every carver needs his tools so we will get this covered as well with tips from experienced carvers who will share with you what sets, knifes and tools they use to create their beautiful artwork.

If you have a project idea or know a fantastic carver that needs to be shared with the world, be sure to get in touch with us.

Till next time...Happy Carving!

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