I have made a few very simple Celtic knots before and used them as ornamentation on woodwork. I usually placed them in the center of a panel or on a clock face. A commission for a wedding gift to an Irish couple gave me an excuse to take on a larger and more involved Celtic knot pattern. It is used as a border on the frame of a clock.

The egg and dart design originated in ancient Greek and Roman architecture, and can be seen in a variety of woodcarvings, stone carvings, and plaster castings. It contains an alternating design of an egg shape and a dart or arrow. This classical motif can be seen in many historical architectural designs.

This fairy project is challenging because female features are quite often more difficult to carve than male features.

Here is a challenging project brought to you by Desiree Hajny. The pattern is included in the pullout section; be sure to pay special attention to the hair flow and details.