In Boston during the first half of the last century, there was a vibrant Lebanese community near the area which is now known as Chinatown. The community was rich with talent and counted among its members the poet Kahlil Gibran.

In this community there was a boarding house where one day a boy was watching a man carving something out of wood. When the boy asked what the man was making, the man said simply, "A spoon...". So the inquisitive child asked, "Why?" and the man responded, "Because i need one".

After attending a simple "building and arts" committee meeting at his local church, Donald Smith was surprised to discover that his year would never be the same. Here is his story...

Let us introduct you Joe Dillett. He was very polite to give us this interview about his carreer and life like a carver.

Keith Miller, a woodcarver with a wit sharper than his bench knife, has left a carving legacy in Chicago’s south suburbs that will last for decades.

Growing up in a woodcarving family you come in contact with some interesting and wonderful people. Some I've know all my life ... some only for a short time ... but each has a compelling story about their own adventure in carving.