Practice exaggerated facial features with these funny fellows


When I’m away from my shop, I like to carve but I want to limit the size of the project and number of tools I’m carrying. These little gremlins are carved from a small piece of wood with just one or two tools.

Realistic habitat accent teaches texturing techniques


When you are carving a bird or a small animal, add realism to the scene and help balance the composition by including an acorn in the habitat.

Acorns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types; this one is from a black oak. Colors vary depending on the maturity of the acorn—early acorns have a little green on the bottom portion and more mature acorns are darker in color. Although I have provided a pattern, keep a real acorn handy for reference as you carve and paint.


Simple designs are easy to carve and fun to paint By John Relchling I carve a variety of decorative fish-spearing decoys and end up with a lot of small cutoffs that are just too good to throw away. To save them from the burn pile, 1 came up with this simple, fun, and useful project for carvers of any skill level.

Make a mascot that's sure to bring good luck

Small, strong, gentle, and quick, gnomes live in harmony with nature while also enjoying a good practical joke. They live in farmlands, forests, meadows, houses, and, like this one, gardens. These cheery folk are vegetarians, and occasionally enjoy a taste of mead or spiced gin. Having gnomes in your home or garden is generally considered to be very good luck.

The weather is cooling off and fall is upon us as we head into the final stretch of our heirloom collection. This issue's projects have been the most challenging for me because of the complexity of the costumes. I have tried to keep these images simple while maintaining the details that identify them. The burnings themselves are quite simple— just outlining and shading are used to complete the designs.